Rice Krispies Date Pudding, 1928 – A Vintage Recipe Test – The Mid-Century Menu

This looks close enough to the 1920s!

Source: Rice Krispies Date Pudding, 1928 – A Vintage Recipe Test – The Mid-Century Menu

Yes, another food-centered, non-Six Degrees of Stoogeration entry. I’ll get to Flesh Feast (1970) one of these days, I promise!

This is another one of my inspirational sites. I know that I won’t be taking pictures of food (unless I unearth Moe and Larry’s recipes!) but it turns out that writing a movie review is hard work! Who knew?!

Don’t Worry, I Thought of a Title!


For some strange reason, I had an urge to watch You Nazty Spy! last night. Who knows what could’ve drawn me to that particular short (in which an incompetent boob is chosen to run a country) last night of all nights. Call it intuition, if you will.

That’s all I have to say. Oh, there’s this wonderful quote:

(Moe) Hailstone: “What does a dictator do?”

Ixnay: “A dictator? Why, he makes love to beautiful women, drinks champagne, enjoys life and never works. He makes speeches to the people, promising them plenty, gives them nothing, then takes everything! That‘s a dictator!”

(Curly) Pebble: “Hmmm! A parasite! That’s for me!”

BAD MOVIES | Balladeer’s Blog

As usual here at Balladeer’s Blog I like to cover those things that tend to fly under the radar to a large degree. On this page I’ll be looking at bad/weird movies that don’t seem…

Source: BAD MOVIES | Balladeer’s Blog

For the terminally lazy (ME!), I LOVE sites like this that have ready-made bad movie lists! Sure, I know that The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackals isn’t worth the film it’s filmed on, and that star Anthony Eisley talked his stunt double into doing most of the walking about in the terrible “jackal head,” and that the director, Oliver Drake was supposedly senile. (I say “supposedly,” because looking at this film, who can tell?)

And if you were wondering, yes, I CAN tie this in to the Three Stooges. Anthony Eisley starred in a couple of Al Adamson films. Al Adamson and Sam Sherman wanted the Three Stooges to star in The Jet Set (which became Blazing Stewardesses). Everything was set until Moe was too ill to go on with the filming (which would’ve begun in March).

Remember, almost everything can be connected to the Three Stooges and/or John Carradine!

A Fine Choice For President!

Some guy I’ve never heard of (you probably haven’t, either) was born (kinda) on this day in 1902.*

(He was actually born on September 5, 1902, but for some reason, he–and his siblings–thought that his birthday was in October. He didn’t even find out until he had to use a birth certificate to obtain a passport!)

Anyway, here’s the guy you’ve never seen, but should TOTALLY run for president…even if he’s been dead for 41 years!


Nixon resigns – Aug 08, 1974 – HISTORY.com

On this day in History, Nixon resigns on Aug 08, 1974. Learn more about what happened today on History.

Source: Nixon resigns – Aug 08, 1974 – HISTORY.com


Of course, I couldn’t let today pass without mentioning what happened 42 years ago. Granted, I’ve run into more than my fair share of people that gave me a look of “Whaaaa?!” when I mentioned “Watergate,” but meh. It was 42 years ago, which may as well be the Middle Ages for today’s youth.

Here are more images from that wond’rous time.


Impeach Nixon Bumper Sticker Impeach Nixon Button Infamous Nixon Resignation Photo Nixon Impeachment Washington Post Nixon Resigns 1 Nixon Resigns 2 Nixon Resigns 3


(As a side note: the Stooges were not fans of Nixon and watched the hearings religiously–just found that out today from a co-worker that regularly visited them when he lived in California.)

Can you imagine living through all this?  I mean, sure, I lived through Clinton’s “impeachment” hearings, but with all the things they could’ve gotten him on, it was SEX?!

Then there was Reagan (another Stooge favorite!) and Iran-Contra, where he suddenly “forgot” everything. Of course, with what we know now, that might not have been far from the truth.

I wonder…if Trumpy’s elected, would he have to resign, or would Pence?

On an ending note, this should be the most glorious, snarky election EVAR, but I’m not feeling it. Mostly because Trump’s getting so much attention just being Trumpy, but it seems that all the fun (snark) has gone out of it, and it’s just a long, slow trudge for the next 92 days…