Jungle Hell | Jabootu’s Bad Movie Dimension

Source: Jungle Hell | Jabootu’s Bad Movie Dimension

This, as well as Andrew Borntreger’s badmovies.org (I’ll do an entry on that site too, trust me!) are my go-to sites for bad movie dissection. I love Jabootu because of Mr. Begg’s long-windedness (that’s a plus!) as well as his historical input–you want to know WHY Doris Wishman’s movies are so terrible? You’ll get some history here! You want to know why “Jungle Hell” is so terrible? Oh, you’ll find out!

I have seen this movie–or some movie just like it, 30+ years ago after the Stooges and Bizarre had gone off for the night. I believe this was double billed with “Picture Mommy Dead,” but it may have been a rare TRIPLE bill, because I also remember it being around Easter 1985, and “Billy the Kid vs. Dracula” playing around the same time. Oh, how I miss the olden days of KPLR and their late-night line up! Between (the then) KMOX-TV’s Bijou and The Late Show, and KDNL’s All Night at the Movies (I think?), you had your fill of bad movie goodness!

I miss the 80s…they weren’t as good as I remember the 70s being, but then again, I don’t really remember much of the 70s…


Choosing the Right Smartphone for You | eHow Tech | eHow

Source: Choosing the Right Smartphone for You | eHow Tech | eHow

Or, just do what I always do…take your parents’ cast-off phones! I’ve had (I think) four different phones in my cell-phone life, and because I’m cheap and knew the location of each and EVERY pay phone within a five-mile radius (no lie!) I just didn’t bother.

Today, I don’t have the satisfaction of knowing that there’s a pay phone at the service station or at the train station. It could be there, or it could be just half a feces covered receiver mocking me and my olde-tymey ways.

Anyhoo, it’s a Tracfone, it cost $10, and…well, it’s a phone. Aside from book reading and Collapse playing, I’m not getting today’s phone obsession.

Maybe I’m not hip enough.

I think there’s an app for that.