Just in Time for a… – Flesh Feast (1970)

Yes, this is still going to be the 1st movie reviewed on the all new “Six Degrees of Stoogeration!” I’m still trying to figure out the best format…

The Telltale Mind

Over the course of her career, Veronica Lake, like many actors and actresses, had highs and lows. Flesh Feast was a definite low and it would prove to be the last film that she ever made. It is a bit of a shame as she was quite talented, but being an actress who was notoriously difficult to work with and her aversion to Hollywood throughout the fifties and sixties, she appeared in little. What is most interesting is that she also produced this movie in part, which makes you wonder why she would even want to appear in such a low-budget horror like this one, especially given the roles she had in years past. As it was, Flesh Feast turned out to be predictably, pretty terrible.

flesh-feast-3The story concerns a scientist, partly mad, who is working on making a select group of maggots eat human flesh over that of animals…

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Trump, Lincoln and The Art of the Deal

Look, before you yell “LIBTARD!” it’s not even the fact that Trump’s a “Republican.” (I have my doubts about his political party–if anything, I’d call him a Trumpublican. The party of all for Trump, all the time.) He is unfit. PERIOD. If he were running as a Democrat (which he’s also claimed he was.) I’d say the same thing, but we wouldn’t be having this conversation because I don’t think they’d elect a Democrat as incompetent as Trump. A lech? Sure, we’ve had those, but not an obviously incompetent knucklehead as Trumpy, the 4th Stooge.

Envisioning The American Dream

Donald Trumps Book The Art of The Deal and Abe Lincoln reading If only Abe Lincoln had availed himself of Trump’s “The Art of the Deal”, the civil war could have been ” worked out.”

I mean had Andrew Jackson been a little later you wouldn’t have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person but he had a big heart. He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War, he said “There’s no reason for this.”
People don’t realize, you know, the Civil War, if you think about it, why? People don’t ask that question, but why was there the Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?” President Donald Trump

Stop the presses!

Could Andrew Jackson have saved the Civil War as President Donald Trump suggests?

Given the fact that Ol’ Hickory died a good 16 years before the outbreak of the war seems irrelevant to our revisionist…

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The 6th Grade Talent Show

Change this to 1986 and the midwest, and you’ve got my (almost) exact experience in talent shows. Except I twirled a baton to a 45 (look it up kids!) Stac(e)y Lattisaw’s “Dynamite.” (Look her up too, kids!)

Knocked Over By A Feather

My 6th grade class of fellow Catholic schoolkids were having a talent show.

In order to be a part of a talent show, one would have to have some sort of talent to offer.

Well, just as 42-year-old me lacks any discernible talent, such was the same plight for 11-year-old me.

I couldn’t sing, dance, act, and my juggling wasn’t quite ready for an audience yet. My sense of humor was still in the beginning stages of development, so a stand-up comedy routine was a no-go.

I could have written a poem to read, but imagine the booing that I would have gotten from a bunch of judgmental preteens.

They were all dicks.

I had a friend back then, her name was Sue. We were really close that year, best friends, and all of that. She wanted to do something together for the talent show, despite my fearful protests.


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“With Tonight’s Guests… Bette Davis and the Who!”

I remember my mother mentioning seeing Lenny Bruce and the Three Stooges on the same TV show (Steve Allen) when she was a kid. I marveled at the uh, sheer WTFness of vaudeville/burlesque comedians mixing it up with one of (if not THE) first Angry Young Man comedians. Interestingly, she said that it wasn’t THAT big of a surprise due to the fact that the Stooges HAD worked in vaudeville (and DeRita was a pretty well known burlesque comic.)

Television Diary

06.19.16 - Tony Orlando and Dawn

You’d probably never expect to see Ronald Reagan on the same stage with the Jackson Five. But during the golden age of the TV variety show, it was fine to book two performers from opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum. Incongruous couplings happened all the time. Sometimes they’d appear together and sometimes separately, but the following list proves that when it comes to variety shows, expect the unexpected—

Jackie Robinson and Bela Lugosi (Texaco Star Theater, 9/27/49)

Frank Sinatra and Lon Chaney Jr. (Texaco Star Theater, 11/28/50)

Jane Russell and Jerry Lee Lewis (The Steve Allen Show, 8/11/57)

Liberace and Lou Costello (The Steve Allen Show, 8/18/57)

Errol Flynn and Don Adams (The Steve Allen Show, 12/1/57)

Lenny Bruce and the Three Stooges (The Steve Allen Show, 4/5/59)

Nat King Cole and Rin Tin Tin  (Perry Como’s…

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