Where Were YOU on 3 June 1969?

Welp, if you were I, you wouldn’t be a twinkle in your parents’ eyes yet. (Oh, did I say “twinkle?” I meant “pink eye that will never be cured.”)

However, since you’re a nerd like I, you know exactly what day today is…it was the day a certain show about space ended with William Shatner camping it up like…well, William Shatner (or John Carradine in Billy the Kid vs. Dracula or Bigfoot.) No, I’m definitely not insulting these fine actors–to each and every actor, there’s gotta be a little ham. To bring this ’round to the Three Stooges, what would’ve been their last film, 1975’s The Jet Set would’ve been so campy Cabela’s wouldn’t have stock for YEARS!

Anyhoo…it’s hard to believe that it’s been FIFTY-THREE YEARS since Star Trek was cancelled. Think about what was happening at that time–man would be landing on the moon THE VERY NEXT MONTH! AND THE THREE STOOGES WERE STILL TOURING! NO. LIE!

May 4, 1969 (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

So in conclusion, I made an article about the last episode of Star Trek ALL ABOUT THE THREE STOOGES BECAUSE I CAN!

Reefer Madness (1936)

There’s more degrees of Stoogeration in this turkey than you’d think! The judge is immediately recognizable from “Disorder in the Court,” which also came out in 1936!

and you call yourself a scientist!?

“And more vicious, more deadly even than these soul-destroying drugs is the menace of—marijuana!”

Director:  Louis J. Gasnier

Starring:  Kenneth Craig, Dorothy Short, Lillian Miles, Dave O’Brien, Carleton Young, Thelma White, Warren McCollum, Pat Royale, Joseph Forte, Mary MacLaren

Screenplay:  Arthur Hoerl and Paul Franklin, based upon a story by Lawrence Meade

Synopsis:  Dr Alfred Carroll (Joseph Forte) addresses a meeting in which he exhorts the parents of school students to campaign for compulsory education on narcotics—particularly marijuana. He goes on to illustrate the dangers of marijuana by speaking of a recent tragedy… Mae (Thelma White) and Jack (Carleton Young) own an apartment near a high school, where they deal marijuana. While Mae concentrates on supplying to artists and musicians, Jack works to hook the local school students on the drug, much to Mae’s disgust. Jack makes contact with Ralph (Dave O’Brien), who knows many of…

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MILL CREEK DRIVE-IN MOVIE CLASSICS: Slave of Cannibal God (1978)

Proof that even Stacy “I can save any damn movie and that includes Butterfly” Keach couldn’t save this one…I’ll still watch on Tubi just to see how badly that train gets wrecked.

B&S About Movies

EDITOR’S NOTE: We originally wrote about this movie on February 22, 2018. We’ve added to that original article in this revision for our Mill Creek month. 

Also known as La Montagna del Dio CannibaleSlave of the Cannibal Godand Prisoner of the Cannibal God, don’t be fooled by the pedigree of having big stars like Ursula Andress and Stacy Keach. This film may seem restrained at first, but it goes absolutely insane by the final ten minutes. I mean, when has Sergio Martino (All the Colors of the DarkYour Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key) ever steered us wrong?

Susan Stevenson (Andress, the original Bond girl) is looking for her husband Henry, an anthropologist who has gone missing in the jungles of New Guinea. Along with her brother Arthur and Professor Edward Foster (Keach), they travel to the mountain…

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Q & A Time with Author, Paul Talbot, on His Favorite Actor and Mine …. Charles Bronson

I’m sorry, but the first thing to come to mind when I read this is that he’s got one degree of Stoogeration and the infamous line from Death Wish 3: “They’re teeth.” He was a damn fine actor and proved that sequels don’t HAVE to get worse as they go on–my older sister and I caught Death Wish 5 after dozing through whatever big budget junk that would’ve been out then. Ah, the old days…cigarette machines in the lobby, no one caring why you had that yuge purse, and the ability to pay for one movie and go to the next when it sucked.

Mike's Take On the Movies

One thing that the internet has allowed me to do since starting Mike’s Take nearly 8 years ago is to connect with fellow film fans and in some cases, writers and historians. I guess it was inevitable that I would cross paths with Paul Talbot who has quickly become the leading authority on the career of Charles Bronson. I guess that makes me second????? He’s been kind enough to visit Mike’s Take on occasion and I’m very happy to have shared some old articles and trivia bits with him when I thought it might be beneficial in his research.

I’m also very excited to have him join me here for this spotlight on Charles Bronson as we celebrate his 100th birthday this month.


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It’s Only Been a MONTH?!

For some reason, I thought that it had been more than a YEAR since I’d placed my pallid purges to paper, but it’s only a month! Hoooo, boy! What a time I’ve had since January 2020…lost my father, lost any semblance of respect I had of the medical profession (looking at YOU, chemotherapy and the lies you fed an old man that wouldn’t have had HALF the pain and agony he had if he had told y’all to blow it out your butts and gone to Valhalla blazing away like a Cheech and Chong audience.)

I’m the last to say I know more than an oncologist, but when I can catch you in lie after lie, it makes me wonder if you got your degree from the same school Dr. Nick (Elvis’s doctor) and the Three Stooges got theirs.

I am angry and bitter and will remain so for a looooong time. I guess I shouldn’t have expected any better when doctors looked at me like I was a freak due to having heart failure at 29…

Ten Years After…

I thought it would be interesting to use another great British group to pay tribute to the tenth anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death. I remember exactly where I was (I sound like those people who remember where they were when JFK/MLK/RFK/January 6, 2021 happened.) I had the headache of all headaches, but suddenly I had one of those flashes that never means anything good’s going to happen. Sure enough, my mother came in with a sad look on her face and I didn’t even need to KNOW what had happened. Maybe it was because it was all of the YouTube bingeing my mother and I did (the video in the police station was so sad…)

I didn’t even hear of her the usual way others did (either the radio or through the tabloids), it was just hearing a snatch of “Rehab” on something (can’t even remember what it was from and what was the context) and from then I was HOOKED! I hadn’t been hooked that fast since one Colin Edward Michael Blunstone when I was three or four. And like the Zombies, her career ended too early (but unlike the Zombies, she’ll never get to begin again with an even stronger sound.)

Here’s the “Tell Her No” of Amy Winehouse tracks “Fool’s Gold.”