March Madness & Movie, er, MUSICAL Mayhem (Day 9!)


via The World’s Worst Records: Adam West

This isn’t TECHNICALLY about movie mayhem, but it IS about musical madness, and since said subject was also in the 2nd Columbia Studio swan song of the Stooges, it’s fitting that the late, great Mr. West would show up here.

Speaking of great, the gentleman who runs this site is the guy who wrote David Bowie Made Me Gay! I’d heard about this book, but didn’t put 2 and 2 together until now! Darryl Bullock is his name, and World’s Worst Records is the site. If you thought I was obsessed over terrible movies, it turns out that there’s a MUSICAL EQUIVALENT!!!! Think of that–every time I cringe about terrible singers that sing PROFESSIONALLY, there’s a Doris Wishman (or worse!) equivalent in the musical world!

Enjoy the site, listen to the music, but make sure you leave any sort of musicianship at the door! (Trust me, you’ll go insane trying to figure out how wrong the arrangements, pitches, tonal qualities, etc. are!)

Trump vs Trump II

This Donald Trump guy is a real character, alright!

Source: Trump vs Trump II

Okay, I said that I was going to overhaul sixdegreesofstoogeration and turn it into a (sort of) B-movie review site (I know, ANOTHER ONE!), but then I saw this on Something Awful, and it made me laugh.

I’m sure I can connect Donald Trump to the Three Stooges…just give me a moment.



  • In 1989, Trump had a cameo in a “movie” titled “Ghosts Can’t Do It.”
  • Said movie also starred one Julie Newmar.
  • Ms. Newmar was in some show called “Batman.”
  • The star of that show, Adam West, also starred in the Three Stooges’ last (released) feature, “The Outlaws IS Coming!” (1965)

(Why, yes, I can connect the Stooges to most anything–why do you ask?)

Have Gun? Have Rocket? Have Position? Will Travel!


Whether it’s a quick drawing Richard Boone (Google that, kids!) or,


a quickly made, high grossing comeback film, I suppose you could say that being a temp worker can be defined as “Have Position? Will Travel!”  It can give you a feeling of overwhelm, anxiety, joy, exhilaration, and a deep feeling of “Why didn’t I try this before?  What was I thinking?”

If you have held a position at a company for more than 10 years and suddenly find yourself on the outside looking in (aka: unemployed), temping could give you the shot in the confidence arm you so sorely need. (And trust me, you’ll need it!)

Degree of Stoogeration between Richard Boone and the Stooges?  Four.  One of the main writers for “Have Gun, Will Travel” was Gene Roddenberry of “Star Trek” fame.  The star of “Star Trek”? (One of many!) William Shatner.  Shortly before becoming Captain Kirk, Shatner had a starring role in an unsold TV pilot–“Alexander.” His co-star?  One Adam West, who starred in the Stooges’ Columbia swan song, 1965’s “The Outlaws IS Coming!”

Isn’t history fun?