All I Wanted to Do…

…was get a little more information about the old Bond’s department store in St. Louis. What I got was a list of reasons why downtown St. Louis has disappeared. (Hint: “Negroes.”)

Meh. I’m a swarthy Jewess. I’ve heard/seen/been called worse. So I read on.

Oh, Lord: the Obamas official portraits, created by members of the Black Panthers, those people that kidnapped Patty Hearst, and (insert person that causes “conservatives” to clutch their pearls.)

I can’t even with this any more. Reading these “memories” of downtown St. Louis being a crime-free Wunderland? It’s hilarious!

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On This Day in 1975…

Los_Angeles_Times__Friday__24_January_1975LA Times Larry Fine Death Notice

Our President Wants to Shtup His Daughter…

What a year 2017 was! With so much going on there were stories I felt didn’t get the attention they deserve. LAURA WILKERSON TO DEMOCRAT NANCY PELOSI: WHICH OF YOUR CHILDREN IS EXPENDABLE TO AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT? – Laura Wilkerson spoke truth to power at a CNN Townhall by mentioning the death of her son […]

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How to Survive a Nuclear Attack 1950’s Style

I watched “Duck and Cover” and many, many, MANY!!!! “Nuclear Attack Survival Tips” 2 weeks ago. Who would’ve known that all that I learned would be so “useful?”

Yes, I am being sarcastic…

Envisioning The American Dream

Survival Under Atomic Attack booklet

As the world teeters closer to the brink of nuclear war,  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention holds a briefing today on how the public can prepare for a nuclear bomb.

It’s duck and cover deja vu all over again.

On the heels of the recent disastrous ballistic missile false alarm in Hawaii where Google searches on “how to survive a nuclear attack” spiked dramatically, the advice couldn’t come any quicker.

The somber announcement by the CDC came coincidentally right after the ominously named “Bomb Cyclone” winter storm hit the East Coast,  assuring the public they wanted to prepare us for a nuclear winter.

The CDC has gotten into the Civil Defense business taking a familiar stance on “preparedness,”  a word all to familiar to baby boomers when it was bandied about in the 1950’s and ’60’s to calm our nuclear jitters.

You would survive if you prepared.


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Greetings From Sunny Florida!

As you can see, this is not a review of the classic film Flesh Feast (aka Time is a Terror). I could give you an excuse, but I’m too lazy to even do that! What I have been doing is my usual procrastination, reading other (better) film review sites, and watching what will be (eventually!) the subject of the review.

However (and there’s always a however in life) I’ve been reading/researching the history of Floridasploitation. (It wasn’t ALWAYS America’s wang!) Why didn’t FL become Hollywood? It was closer to the actual film capital at the time (New York) and had the same positives as CA. Join me in my quest to find out why!

Acidemic – Film: THE BIG CUBE (1969) – Lana Turner and the Unscrupulous Doser

Cleansing the doors of cinematic perception for a better yesterday.

Source: Acidemic – Film: THE BIG CUBE (1969) – Lana Turner and the Unscrupulous Doser

Yet another great review site that is the reason why my epic review of Flesh Feast hasn’t been seen here. I’m still doing buttloads of research into getting it just right! Don’t worry, it’ll be here by 31 December…I didn’t say what year! Go read Acidemic!

Oh, Yeah…About That Whole “All New Six Degrees of Stoogeration Thing…”

…yes, Flesh Feast WILL be the first review, and there will be plenty of information (probably TOO MUCH information) about Floridasploitation, hagsploitation, Nazisploitation, and every other “sploitation” known to man or beast. There’s also stuff about Doris Wishman, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Brad Grinter, and every other person that made a second Hollywood in sunny Florida!