Ten Years After…

I thought it would be interesting to use another great British group to pay tribute to the tenth anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death. I remember exactly where I was (I sound like those people who remember where they were when JFK/MLK/RFK/January 6, 2021 happened.) I had the headache of all headaches, but suddenly I had one of those flashes that never means anything good’s going to happen. Sure enough, my mother came in with a sad look on her face and I didn’t even need to KNOW what had happened. Maybe it was because it was all of the YouTube bingeing my mother and I did (the video in the police station was so sad…)

I didn’t even hear of her the usual way others did (either the radio or through the tabloids), it was just hearing a snatch of “Rehab” on something (can’t even remember what it was from and what was the context) and from then I was HOOKED! I hadn’t been hooked that fast since one Colin Edward Michael Blunstone when I was three or four. And like the Zombies, her career ended too early (but unlike the Zombies, she’ll never get to begin again with an even stronger sound.)

Here’s the “Tell Her No” of Amy Winehouse tracks “Fool’s Gold.”

300,000,000 to 1? I like those odds!

Millions of People

If you’ve been under a rock, then you don’t know this:


There. Now you know.

Anyhoo, after Wednesday’s debacle of not getting ONE number, I’ve decided to let someone else win my millions. Besides, there are lots of other things I have a better chance at doing:

  • Getting struck by lightning.
  • Being hit by a falling piano.
  • Being struck by lightning AND hit by a falling piano.
  • Getting The Zombies to come to St. Louis for a concert.
  • Meeting Larry Fine (the Larry Fine, not the piano guy!) when I return my books to the library during lunch.