So, I bought 2 more tickets…

Lottery ticketLottery ticket…because I’m apparently a glutton (or sucker) for punishment.  Because I’m also (apparently) insane, I decided to do some “research” on the internets about manifesting money. Lottery winning, in particular.

It seems that there are quite a few ways to look at the possibility of becoming rich. One site states that you should put your intention out there for the universe to hear, while the other states that you should keep it a secret. Of course, another states that THERE SHOULD BE NO DOUBT CLOUDING YOUR MANIFESTING!!!!!111 (She who doesn’t have doubt in ANYTHING is a person I really, REALLY want to meet!)

So, if you don’t hear of me for a while, it means I won the jackpot (Future sixdegreesofstoogeration: I DID NOT.), or I’ve jumped off the St. Louis Arch.

300,000,000 to 1? I like those odds!

Millions of People

If you’ve been under a rock, then you don’t know this:


There. Now you know.

Anyhoo, after Wednesday’s debacle of not getting ONE number, I’ve decided to let someone else win my millions. Besides, there are lots of other things I have a better chance at doing:

  • Getting struck by lightning.
  • Being hit by a falling piano.
  • Being struck by lightning AND hit by a falling piano.
  • Getting The Zombies to come to St. Louis for a concert.
  • Meeting Larry Fine (the Larry Fine, not the piano guy!) when I return my books to the library during lunch.


Lottery ticket

I suppose this says it all…

My mother wanted to buy a ticket, and of course, being the dutiful daughter I am, decided that I didn’t want her wasting her money on a stupid lottery ticket. I would waste my money on not one, but TWO Powerball tickets!

As I stood in line, I realized that I had a better chance of meeting ALL the Zombies AND Argent in that convenience store in the middle of small town nowhere than I did at winning. I had a better chance of getting struck by lightning, becoming president, becoming the next Oscar winner, ALL of these…than winning Powerball.

And I thought my odds at getting a job sucked! Man, those were only a mere 1000 to 1. Powerball’s in the billion range by now!

Oh, and I still want my $4 back!