If it’s the LAST thing I do!

Blazing Stewardesses one sheet

Greetings, fellow degenerates, and welcome to something I hope will be worth reading, a little thing called “If It’s The Last Thing I Do!” which will focus on the last films of…well, a bunch of people, actually. I mean, who can forget Veronica Lake’s last turn as a Hitler-hating doctor in “Flesh Feast”? Or Laurel and Hardy’s final film, “Atoll K?”

For the most part, I’ll be sticking to the 1970s. Why? Look, if you’ve seen the 70s, you know why. No, seriously. Have you seen the 70s?! The movies, the music, the fashions, the recipes! The 1970s were a glorious disaster, which is fitting, since there were soooo many disaster movies filmed in the decade.

With that smooth transition, I bring you to the last film of our first (and second!) subject: “Blazing Stewardesses.”¬† This film was the swan song of two popular comedy teams, although you’re probably more familiar with the first: the Three Stooges. You see, Blazing Stewardesses¬† (then titled The Jet Set) was to star America’s favorite comedy trio…and their replacement was…sort of…well, they were a trio, and they weren’t exactly America’s favorite comedy trio, but trust me, you’ve probably heard of these guys:

Here’s Part 2:

Yep, it’s a trio of two!

Fans (and YouTube commenters) seem to think that the material…well, stinks.¬† It’s hard to imagine if the Stooges would’ve been doing a similar routine, since Moe wanted to ad-lib most of the material. However, if this is what the Stooges were going to do, well, let’s just say I’m glad Kook’s Tour was their swan song.