How’d I almost forget about THIS?!


No nerd worth their salt should ever forget that today, June 3, 1969, that the last Star Trek episode, “Turnabout Intruder” was aired. If you’d like to see William Shatner at his Shattnerist (on Star Trek, at least!) see this episode.

Think of it–in 1969, the Three Stooges were still touring, the moon landing was little more than a month away, and a couple of months later, a certain Family would be on everyone’s minds.  Interesting time, when you look back on it as history.  As everyday living, I imagine that it was pretty much like today.

2 thoughts on “How’d I almost forget about THIS?!

  1. Reblogged this on sixdegreesofstoogeration and commented:

    Think about this: the Three Stooges outlasted the Beatles, the Zombies, were still actively performing during the moon landing…and may have watched the very last episode of ST: TOS–“Turnabout Intruder.”

    (Thinks about how terrible the episode was…)

    I hope not!


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