March Madness & Movie Mayhem, Day 30 (Grindhouse Classics : “The Black Klansman”)

March Madness & Movie Mayhem, Day 30 goes where no film has gone before…and yes, that’s a terrible set up for a William Shatner “The Intruder” joke. But yes, Corman and Shatner did it first, yet Mikels probably made way more money.

Trash Film Guru

First off, let me wish a very happy 2012 to any and all TFG readers — I hope the new year finds you healthy, wealthy, and wise (or any combination thereof, really), and I guess there’s nothing for us to do now but kick back for the next 365 days (well, okay, 359 and counting as I write this) and see if the Mayans had it right after all. Actually, though, perusing much of the hysteria surrounding this, our latest potential apocalypse, I find a lot of people hedging their bets well in advance — the so-called “New Age” set, particularly, seems rather enthralled with this whole notion that 2012 marks not the end, but rather some kind of (frustratingly, truth be told) vague new beginning. They say a “global consciousness transformation” or somesuch is about to take place, and frankly I hope they’re right because, let’s not kid ourselves…

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