Dinner Is Served 1972

Source: Dinner Is Served 1972

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to “do” Six Degrees of Stoogeration, and oddly enough, the most influential of blogs (see also: Mid Century Menu and Retro Recipe Attempts) are all FOOD BASED! Sure, there are movies, music, etc., mixed in, but there’s something about food (especially 1970s food, because #goddammit1970s!) that makes for a truly entertaining read! So, perhaps there’ll be a recipe for Moe Howard’s lasagna and cioppino (sp.)? Or Larry Fine’s…lox and bagels (he cooked a lot as well, but I don’t have any examples of what he made.)

So, one week from now, (maybe) you’ll see the New! Improved! Six Degrees of Stoogeration! (More likely, you won’t, because I’m lazy like that.)