March Madness & Movie Mayhem, Day 27 (or, How Ed Wood Isn’t the World’s Worst Director)


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How did Ed Wood get the title of “World’s Worst Director?”  (Then again, we’d also have to ask how William “One Shot” Beaudine was at least the runner-up, even though he was once a highly regarded director.) Of course, we can put most of the blame on the doorstep of the Medveds, who deemed Ed “the worst” with their Golden Turkey tome. I can only imagine that they hadn’t seen very many movies from the period they were in, because NONE of the Dolomite movies made the cut, but Trouble Man did?! Why not just throw Super Fly and Shaft in there too, since we’re complaining about blaxploitation films with kick-ass soundtracks…

Anyhoo, where was I going with this? Oh, that Ed Wood wasn’t the world’s worst director–far from it. I can name at least THREE worse directors off the top of my head: Bill Rebane/Herschell Gordon Lewis (Monster-A-Go-Go/Terror at Half Day); Larry Buchanan (Zontar: The Thing From Venus); Coleman Francis (all three of his films); Doris Wishman (Double Agent 73, Let Me Die a Woman); Ted V. Mikels (The Girl in Gold Boots, The Doll Squad)…the list is literally endless!

I think the problem lies with Ed Wood’s films being better than “so bad they’re good.” There’s something about Wood’s films, even the cringetastic Orgy of the Dead and The Revenge of Dr. X that makes them watchable. You’re not yelling at the screen at the stupidity of the writing. (The CLUNKINESS, maybe, but not the stupidity!)

Anyhoo, take a look around the site and enjoy the Den of Geek!



Bad Movie Night — Site of the Week (or, 18 Years on the Internet is Like 30 Years of Real Life…)

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There’s nothing I like better than a “links” page. Someone has (thankfully!) done all the work for me in finding more great b-movie sites so I won’t have to. That’s all fine and good until you run up against one like this.

Obviously, 1999 is a million years ago in website years (it’s also the year I started using Amazon to feed my bad movie appetite), so it’s no surprise that most of these sites are gone. But it is neat to see the few that are still up and around. Go on, take a trip back in time!

Mustn’t Forget What Today Is…

As you all know, a certain show debuted tonight, FIFTY FORTY EIGHT YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, I’ve re-posted a 2 year old post. So sue me!)

Also, to show you how long ago this was, the St. Louis Arch was new, and the Three Stooges were still touring!

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Choosing the Right Smartphone for You | eHow Tech | eHow

Source: Choosing the Right Smartphone for You | eHow Tech | eHow

Or, just do what I always do…take your parents’ cast-off phones! I’ve had (I think) four different phones in my cell-phone life, and because I’m cheap and knew the location of each and EVERY pay phone within a five-mile radius (no lie!) I just didn’t bother.

Today, I don’t have the satisfaction of knowing that there’s a pay phone at the service station or at the train station. It could be there, or it could be just half a feces covered receiver mocking me and my olde-tymey ways.

Anyhoo, it’s a Tracfone, it cost $10, and…well, it’s a phone. Aside from book reading and Collapse playing, I’m not getting today’s phone obsession.

Maybe I’m not hip enough.

I think there’s an app for that.