Star Trek Creator’s Son Rejects Quentin Tarantino Joining Franchise – The Hollywood Reporter

So I’m two days late for my usual “On This Day In” entry, but it turns out that it IS better late than never! Imagine Star Trek getting the Tarantino treatment! The only thing I could think of that would add to that would be if David Carradine were still alive (and still acting…but come on–like father like son, David would’ve probably worked until he literally died in the middle of a take.)

(Insert any tasteless comments and jokes here–I won’t add any because hearing about his death pi$$ed me off royally, thinking about all of the A, B, and Z grade movies he could’ve been making.)

Mustn’t Forget What Today Is…

As you all know, a certain show debuted tonight, FIFTY FORTY EIGHT YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, I’ve re-posted a 2 year old post. So sue me!)

Also, to show you how long ago this was, the St. Louis Arch was new, and the Three Stooges were still touring!

Source: Mustn’t Forget What Today Is…