Bad and Ugly of Retro Food: Moving on


A blog about the bad and ugly of food from 1930-1979

Source: Bad and Ugly of Retro Food: Moving on

This is also part of my “Blogs That Inspire” series.

Look at those photos.

LOOOOK at them! #Goddammit1970s is ALL over this blog. This must be what people ate when they had the “munchies,” because I cannot see anyone eating this slop sober. Look at that glazed “ham!” It’s glazed with gelatin(e) and probably has lines drawn on with Magic Marker.


The Most Beautiful Woman On Facebook

The most beautiful woman on all of Facebook is no longer just enchanting your Facebook feed. She’s here, y’all!

Source: The Most Beautiful Woman On Facebook


Is this true or is this fake news (aka true)? YOU DECIDE!