March Movie Madness & Mayhem (Day 15?)–Cult of the Damned (1969) – Journeys in Classic Film

Apparently, I’ve lost ANOTHER day somewhere (Day 15 is missing, just like Bunny Lake!) So, without further ado, here’s what SHOULD’VE been featured…Angel, Angel Down We Go (aka Cult of the Damned). You’ve got Jennifer Jones, Roddy McDowall, Lou Rawls, Holly Near, and most importantly, Joe Besser in a cameo as a tour bus driver.

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Film Noir Blonde — Black & White and Chic All Over

Black & White and Chic All Over

Source: Film Noir Blonde — Black & White and Chic All Over

From now until 1 April (or whenever I decide to start it!) I’m blogging about blogs that analyze film. Whether it’s “good” film (you’ll find no Al Adamson here!), or so-good-it’s-bad (THAT’S where you’ll find Mr. Adamson!), I’m picking blogs that I’ve read (like Jabootu), or completely new ones (like this!)

Turns out that it’s not as easy as it seems to crank out a “Bad Movie” blog!

The Russians are Coming, The Russians Are Coming — Envisioning The American Dream

Is the Cold War being taken out of deep freeze? The accusations of Russia’s interference in our presidential election has sent a big chill down my spine, as childhood memories of the Cold War are quickly defrosted. As distrust and accusations run rampant, the terror of the Red Menace infiltrating our country, is bone chillingly […]

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Top 10 Blog Monetization Strategies, Ranked In Order (2016 Edition) – Blog Marketing Academy

An overview of the top 10 blog monetization strategies, ranked in their order of what works. Updated for 2016.

Source: Top 10 Blog Monetization Strategies, Ranked In Order (2016 Edition) – Blog Marketing Academy

(aka: So, You’d Like to Make Money With a Blog You’ve Half-Assed Since Forever…)

Would YOU like to make money? Sure, who wouldn’t? I’ve got various domains and websites (I guess, I don’t know…) out there to “monetize” my “brand.” As of today, 18/10/16, I’ve made approximately bupkis with said sites.

Well, all that’s going to change! Taking my cue from the great Yinzerella, I’m going to begin the journey to monetizing my knowledge!

(Hold for laughter.)

Hey, don’t laugh! I live in a country where anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can run for President! Don’t count me out!



37 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life | Addicted 2 Success

A beautiful collection of Inspirational quotes that are loved and highly shared throughout our Twitter & Facebook pages.

Source: 37 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life | Addicted 2 Success

To me, inspirational quotes are like sitting someone down at the piano and shoving a Chopin etude at them without telling them how to approach it. (Doesn’t matter which etude, but let’s just say Op. 10, No. 12).

You can read all the inspiring quotes you want, but until you can actually DO something, that’s all they are–words on a page, and pretty worthless ones at that.

You may be able to tell that I’m not fond of “inspirational” quotes. Let me tell you why. Just this very morning, there was some guy on TV “inspiring” people to do more, live their best life, etc. Of course, he mentioned that he’d come from a broken home (with a teenage mother!), didn’t do well in school, and all the other crap that most inspirational speakers spout. Then he said the phrase that made me go “NIAGARA FALLS” with my breakfast Diet Coke:

“If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!”

Oh, really?

So, you’re saying that all I have to do is practice, and I can become as good a basketball player as Lisa Leslie or Michael Jordan? I mean, I’ve got one of Jordan’s traits down–I can be a jerk at times, but the athletic ability…not so much.

If I want to become a ballet dancer, all I have to do is shell out $$$ for a teacher, practice my butt off, and in 10 years, I can be a halfway decent dancer? Yeah, no.

The problem isn’t so much “inspiration” as it is “expectation.” Telling your audience “If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!” is similar to telling them (insert equally implausible thing here.) There are things that make YOU YOU, and there are things that make THEM THEM, and sometimes, you’re not going to be the best (insert whatever you want to be the best at here), no matter how hard you try.

Am I saying give up, buy a carton of Pall Malls, Ben & Jerry’s and a jug o’ wine, plop down on the couch and watch YouTube videos for the rest of your life? No, of course not. But beware the inspirational speaker, for inspiration without clear teaching is a recipe for disaster.

Oh, and here’s a quote from Bill Cosby:

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”

(Insert tasteless roofie/prison joke here.)


Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary cake!!!!
Anniversary cake!!!!

Right now, the United States has the most available jobs in 8 years. Now is the time to polish your resume, make sure your skill sets are up to date and apply to the jobs you’re interested in! Use Local Job Service to locate jobs in your local area right now and see what jobs are currently available.

LIARS! Every job posting seems to be nothing more than a black hole to suck resumes into the ether. I have networked, seminared, and cyber-stalked to no avail.  Tomorrow’s my six-month anniversary…of unemployment! Eat a piece of cake for me, will you? (I’m not fond of cake–I’ll be eating an anniversary apple or something.)

I must be missing something in this whole job search thing. I have to be, right? WHY ISN’T ANYONE HIRING???? (Or, more importantly, WHY ISN’T ANYONE HIRING ME???!!!??)


Networking for Introverts (or, How I’m Learning to Lie Back and Think of England…)

Well, think of Hertsfordshire, anyway...
Well, think of Hertsfordshire, anyway…

When it comes to networking, we seem to throw common sense into the wind. Instead of finding a way to make it work for us, “experts” claim that you should do it because you have to.

Let me tell you, the average person won’t cut out craptastic eating habits, stop drinking, or anything else that COULD POSSIBLY SAVE THEIR LIVES, much less network, so maybe you need to come up with a better plan.

Think of it this way–if someone you knew came to you and said that they were changing the very way they are because of someone else (someone they were dating, perhaps) what would you do?  You’d probably say that they don’t need to change wholesale because of someone else. If they didn’t like the person as they were, then they don’t deserve them.

So why isn’t that the case with networking? We know that there’s apparently (apparently…)  a “hidden job market” with gazillions of jobs out there just waiting for you…but only if you learn to network properly. The more you read, the more you retreat into your hermit’s cave of introversion.

But all is not lost! Join me in the coming weeks (ugh…weeks…) as I navigate my way through the world of Introverted Networking (patent pending)!