March MEAT Madness & (No) Movie Mayhem (Day 21!)

Womans-Day-October-23_1978-4-1200x822via Vintage Gristle: More Glistening Mounds of Mid-Century Meat – Flashbak

And now for something completely different–a look back at the world of vintage advertising! Whether it’s movies, or meat, retro ads had some…issues. I love meat as much as the next person (maybe more!) but looking at these ads…bring on the broccoli!

While you’re salivating over the meat, take a look at all the other stuff over at Flashbak!

Grapefruit 45 Diet Pill Made Two of the Oddest Infomercials of the 1980s – Infomercial Hell

Source: Grapefruit 45 Diet Pill Made Two of the Oddest Infomercials of the 1980s – Infomercial Hell

As a wee tot in the early 80s, I remember a LOT of weird diet pill/food/program commercials (which usually aired during Donahue [Google that, kids!] and KPLR’s 12:30 Movie [Google that too–TV stations used to air MOVIES during the day!]) There was the infamous AYDS diet candy (which I would SWEAR I saw in Walgreens in the early 90s!), sauna suits, black beauties, and yes, the ever-present Grapefruit Diet.

I never understood why grapefruit was supposed to be this great weight loss aid–and why you usually saw dieters sadly poking at their grapefruit halves after piling on the Sweet n’ Low. I LOVE grapefruit, but I wouldn’t consider it a way to weight loss (that title belongs to liquor!)

Anyhoo, this site has been making me laugh since I found it yesterday. Check it out and see how many infamous infomercials you remember!