The Shame of Fat Shaming — Envisioning The American Dream

Some folks believe gaining weight is the worst thing a woman can do. One of them is running for president. Setting the gold standard for misogyny, ( “No one demeans women the way I do, believe me”) Donald Trump has been a fat shamer and critical of any woman who falls outside his definition of […]

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Ah, yes! THIS is the man that tells me “I don’t have a choice” but to vote for him…even though I STILL think we’re being “Trump Trolled.” (It’s like being “Rick Rolled,” but you know, less entertaining, because Trumpy doesn’t have an actual talent.)

Remember! Trumpy’s ideal woman is his daughter! (No, not THAT one! The pretty one–Ivanka!)


A Fine Choice For President!

Some guy I’ve never heard of (you probably haven’t, either) was born (kinda) on this day in 1902.*

(He was actually born on September 5, 1902, but for some reason, he–and his siblings–thought that his birthday was in October. He didn’t even find out until he had to use a birth certificate to obtain a passport!)

Anyway, here’s the guy you’ve never seen, but should TOTALLY run for president…even if he’s been dead for 41 years!


Donald Trump: President Obama “Founded ISIS”

Trump Troll For President 2016!

You heard it here first!!!!!

Source: Donald Trump: President Obama “Founded ISIS”


Will This Truly Disgusting Fact About Donald Trump Be the Thing That Finally Stops Him?

Donald Trump has shown himself to be—time and time again—a person of bad judgment with an inherent lack of taste. This latest fact is no exception.

Source: Will This Truly Disgusting Fact About Donald Trump Be the Thing That Finally Stops Him?

No, it’ll actually be his hair…or poisoning from the spray-on tanner. All hair, er, HAIL President Trump!



Trumpism for Today, 4/27/16…

Trump Republican 1989 Quote

Whether or not this is actually an honest quote (What? Me look up something? Not today!), it is interesting. (Then there’s also the whole “sorta chummy with Bill and Hillary” thing…)



Donald Trump: The President We Truly Deserve?

Criswell 1…that

this gentleman will be our next president! Trump Republican 1989 Quote…because he isn’t as dumb as we’d like to think.

(Paid for by the Committee to Elect Larry Fine President. Ima Chiseler, Treasurer.)


Fine For President 2016!

Fine For President!

THIS is the face of your next president. I don’t care if he’s never had any political aspirations, or the fact that I don’t know if he was liberal or conservative, or that he’s been dead longer than I’ve been alive, you can’t tell me that he’s any worse than the other folks running.

(How’s that for a run-on sentence?)

If you look at how the “candidates” are acting, it’s more like a Stooges short than you think.’s not funny.