If there’s one good point to this pandemic, it’s the fact that the drive-in has become popular (kinda) again. I’ve never been to a drive-in–that I can remember (there was probably some time in 1976 or so that I was briefly in attendance.)

Who is Sam Sherman and why am I so excited at hearing about this? Welp, Sam Sherman and Al Adamson were the two Is in Independent International Pictures (I probably don’t have that totally right, but who cares?) The point is that this (Sherman) is the man who wanted the Three Stooges (Howard, Sitka, and DeRita) for what would become the Ritz Brothers final film Blazing Stewardesses. There’s STILL A LINK to the Three Stooges that’s still active and doing what they do best!

Anyhoo, what he’s doing now is working with the good folks at to go back to the glory days of yesteryear (late 60s early 70s) with what is the most WTF? of the “vs.” movies: Frankenstein vs. Dracula (1971). Imagine seeing this at a pop up drive up theatre! Let’s all go to the movies!

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