Yes, folks! It’s the first of May and I’ve decided to rise from the grave of working from home, being cheezed off that I couldn’t work from home because my computer was too old (even though it seemed to work fine the first week), asked for a laptop, was told that I wouldn’t get one, then had to schlep to work to get the damn desktop I asked for SIX MONTHS AGO!

This was supposed to be the launch date of the all new Six Degrees of Stoogeration (where have you heard that before?) but well…it just didn’t happen. Neither did my plan to start with the wonderful “Flesh Feast” or “The Big Cube.”  They’re on my list, I’ve watched them, but mostly I’ve been binge watching “The Oblongs” (remember that?) and other cartoons from the late 90s/early 2000s (when I was young…)

Anyway, happy May Day! Enjoy a Stooge photo!You Nazty Spy 2

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