If (and when) I ever get back to blogging regularly, this is what I want my blog to be like. I know, I know, everyone should try to be themselves, but come ON! Everyone knows that imitation is the greatest compliment or whatnot (listen to early Beethoven and see how similar it is to Mozart and Haydn).

There’s also another reason why I picked this particular film to look at:

  • It’s from 1970 (I have a MAJOR THING for the 1970s, even though I can’t remember anything except October 1978-onwards with any clarity.)
  • It’s the same year The Three Stooges (temporarily, at least) retired following Larry Fine’s major stroke. I would love to be able to research what happened with the Stooges from 1969-1975. What was going through Moe’s mind when he heard that news on January 9th? (Quite a bit, according to Larry–apparently he’d rushed to the hospital as soon as Larry’s daughter called him.)
  • Why did Moe turn down the chance to go to Manila to make a movie called Make Mine Manila? (The truth is probably somewhere between he hated the script that his grandson wrote and a fear of going anywhere NEAR the Marcos-era Philippines.)
  • What would the world have thought about the last film being not Kook’s Tour (which isn’t as bad as some fans make it out to be), but Blazing Stewardesses (aka The Jet Set)? In it, the Stooges (Howard, Emil Sitka and DeRita) would’ve played fey (oy!) hairdressers that pretty much carry the film. As it turns out, Moe became ill in March 1975 and was unable to film (although they apparently did “rehearse.” According to Sitka, this meant that they had a rough idea of what the scene called for and would just ad lib.
  • As it turned out, it was the swan song for another comedy trio (by then a duo), The Ritz Brothers. If the Stooges were going to do what they did…Kook’s Tour is a MUCH better swan song…trust me.

(Oh, and guess what? It’s a snow day from work! Yay for working in a place with sketchy, janky public transportation!)

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