The More You Know You Knew…

A miller loses his livelihood and self-respect when he descends into alcoholism, egged on by his business partner who just happens to own the local bar. A rare chance to see a performance by Charles Gilpin and one of only two films made by the Colored Players Film Corporation of Philadelphia to survive. I’ll also…

via Ten Nights in a Bar Room (1926) A Silent Film Review — Movies Silently

I’ve always known that there was “black gold” to be found in the silent era when it came to black filmmakers (I’m pointedly ignoring films that utilized actors–but usually actresses–that would make Mae West look tan). Just “average” black people, living “average” lives, and somehow ignoring Jim Crow knocking at the door.

This is going on my movie “Bucket List,” along with the uncut version of Seconds, and any missing footage of the Three Stooges (either solo or as a team) from 1965-1975.

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