History Lessons: Attention Must be Paid

If Trumpy wins (and does stupid things), we Americans have nothing and nobody to blame but ourselves. Year after year, election after election, and what do we get? The same politician in wolf’s clothing. Sure, the style of the fur may change, but it’s the same damn wolf.

Let’s not worry about whether Trumpy’s able to get elected (just yet.) Think about the changes that have already been made, even without Trumpy doing his stupid things.

Envisioning The American Dream

Vanity Fair cover 1933 July Despondent Sam Illustration by Paolo Garretto We need to take a hard look at history. A Vanity Fair cover from July 1933 showing a despondent Uncle Sam seated on the Western hemisphere with storm clouds above can serve as a somber harbinger for our own times. Illustration by Paolo Garretto

History has never seemed more relevant.

After a week of unspeakable tragedies both here and abroad, the weight of history hangs heavy as the Republicans nominate Donald J Trump as their candidate for president.

Historians are speaking out as never before.

A dozen distinguished  historians from David McCullough to  Ken Burns have bonded together to create a Facebook page called Historians on Donald Trump, dedicated to educating the voters on the disturbing threat trump poses to American democracy.

Historian Robert Caro called Trump a “demagogue” who appeals to the ugliest parts of human nature.

“History tells us we shouldn’t underestimate him,” Caro said. “History is…

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