So, I bought 2 more tickets…

Lottery ticketLottery ticket…because I’m apparently a glutton (or sucker) for punishment.  Because I’m also (apparently) insane, I decided to do some “research” on the internets about manifesting money. Lottery winning, in particular.

It seems that there are quite a few ways to look at the possibility of becoming rich. One site states that you should put your intention out there for the universe to hear, while the other states that you should keep it a secret. Of course, another states that THERE SHOULD BE NO DOUBT CLOUDING YOUR MANIFESTING!!!!!111 (She who doesn’t have doubt in ANYTHING is a person I really, REALLY want to meet!)

So, if you don’t hear of me for a while, it means I won the jackpot (Future sixdegreesofstoogeration: I DID NOT.), or I’ve jumped off the St. Louis Arch.


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