The Joy of Unemployment

There’s nothing more annoying than job search experts. The fact that they’re making money telling you how to look for work isn’t the problem–everyone’s got to make a living. No, the problem is the fact that they don’t mention their unemployment woes, or if they do, it’s of the “One day I was sleeping in a cardboard box, then three days later, I was a millionaire! And I owe it all to (insert program you won’t be able to afford even if you did work)!”

Also annoying: people who come up with a quirky way to get a job that you’d NEVER be able to use. Let’s face it–chances are if I sent a potential employer a shoe (to indicate that I’m a great match for their company…get it? GET IT?!?!), I’d be placed on some sort of a list.

In closing…well…

Just replace "cooking" with "unemployment"
Just replace “cooking” with “unemployment”

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