Oh, Moe…You Knew How to Turn a Phrase!

Unemployment is stressful AND boring!
Unemployment is stressful AND boring!

I’ve been crediting one Moe Howard for my new favorite phrase, “between engagements” and if he didn’t say it, too bad. I’m giving him credit 40 years later. Now, granted, his between engagements and my between engagements are quite different, at least in 1958.

Well, no–he and Larry had been employed at the same company for 25 years (20 for me); they felt lost (okay, Moe did, but Larry seemingly took it in stride); and had NO options (ditto!)

We all know what happened next, since it was one of the most spectacular comebacks EVER. From has beens to hot damns in a matter of months, they had a little thing called TV to thank.

What does this have to do with me? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be on TV? YouTube, who knows?  Alls I know is I’ve spent the last few days twittering like a fool, getting used to Windows 10 (maybe 8 ate 9) and waiting for word on a crash course in Microsoft certification. I’ve been messing with all of it for 20 years–I should’ve gotten a damn certification already. Meh. Hindsight’s always 20/20.

Anyhoo, this is here instead of on The Virtuoso Admin because I’m trying to get the kinks out of that one.  I may finally get to work on that Virtuoso Portfolio!


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