How to Spot a Feminist

(Hint: look for the Nazi symbol!)

Sigh…I’ve often wondered if Rush Limbaugh actually believed the words that tumble from the mouth part of his face, or if it’s a wonderful, well-paying joke he plays on the good people of America (and beyond!)

Envisioning The American Dream

Vintage illustration buiness men as trophys Hunting Down a Misogynist

Clutching their dusty, out of print copy of “The Misogynist Field Guide to North American Feminists,” many took to twitter at the urging of a conservative radio host, using the hashtag #HowToSpotAFeminist in pursuit of this latest sport.

After conservative radio personality Doc Thompson sent out a message tweeting “Any tips on #HowToSpotAFeminist, twitter exploded with sexist tweets , the hashtag sparking an angry debate about feminism.

Predictably mocking feminists as whiny, unattractive and unable to attract a man, these hackneyed tropes seem straight out of an episode of Mad Men where jokes were cracked about meetings “being bitch sessions, strictly consciousness lowering” a clear jab at  the newly formed women’s lib.

1970 Womens Lib  illustration “Lib Poster” Illustration from Newsweek Magazine 3/23/70 Women in Revolt

Now 45 years after the women’s liberation movement stormed onto the scene opening a floodgate of discourse about women’s rights, it’s déjà vu all…

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