10 Ways to Get the Interviewer to Notice You (or, Why Don’t You Call Me Back?)

My kosher patron saint of Unemployment
My kosher patron saint of Unemployment

You know when you go to the doctor, and there’s something wrong with you, they usually tell you what it is. You have an idea that something may be wrong, that’s why you went to the doctor! However, this doesn’t occur in the world of interviewing. No matter how polite the request, chances are you will be ignored.

“Huh. You seem to have a hand growing out of your, er, butt.” (That’s a perfectly cromulent medical-type word!)
“Yes! I do! What’s wrong with me?!”
“Yeah, well, we’ll call you back…”
(Mumbling) “Uh, the 33rd of Octember.”

You’d immediately go to the local news channels, Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media platform to warn one and all to stay away from Drs. Howard, Fine and Howard.
So why don’t we do that for interviewers? Yes, there’s Glassdoor, but aside from posting there or giving them a bad Yelp review, there’s no repercussions for bad interview etiquette. After all, there are so many others looking for work, just because YOU have a terrible experience…well…

So, until I figure out a way to creatively find a way to get interviewer feedback, it looks like I’m stuck with “Thanks but no thanks!”


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