To Err is Human, To Forgive is…Naahhhh!

Forgiveness  Ah, forgiveness! An eleven letter word that means so much! Who among us can forget the actual line that I mis-quoted above? Anyhoo, this entry is about forgiveness. No, not “forgive and forget,” because if I forget, how will I learn to stay away from toxic, angry people such as the ones I shall rant about below? Anyhoo, redux, let’s get to the list!

  1. Adrxxxx X. A “student” who not only was one of the surprisingly many that cussed me out on a semi-daily basis, but also cussed me out, told me that I “needed to do my job” and that she “didn’t have to listen to me because I was ‘just a secretary.’” You and your two Stooges (sorry, the Three Stooges!) as well as other students, made that assignment a living hell. You knew that I couldn’t legally record you cussing me out, but YOU COULD RECORD ME REPEATING WHAT YOU CALLED ME. Thanks a lot. May you and your Stooges live lives filled with only the worst and most degrading of work, and your children put you in the worst and shoddy of nursing homes. Oh, and that you cuss out the wrong person and get suspended! Thanks again, for relieving me from constant headaches and stomach pains!
  2. Chrixxx X. An “xxxx” that apparently thought that I was illiterate, due to the fact that I “gave” her pizzas away. Never mind that the receipt was in someone else’s name. In fact, the first name, though similar, isn’t the same. I mean, who doesn’t know the difference between “Chxxxxe” and “Chxxxxa”? Apparently, I didn’t, because not only did you rant and rave on me, you somehow got a principal involved, and he joined in the fun of treating me like the stupidest of the stupid. I would say you treated me like a dog, but I take that back. A dog doesn’t deserve to be treated that way, and there’s no way you need to have the unconditional love of a dog. May the rest of your days be filled with the smelliest of students, the most ignorant of parents, and your future filled with the worst things in life. Trust me, you do deserve them. Thanks!
  3. The rest of the administrators. Thank you for stating that you appreciated what I did, but not letting me have a say!
  4. Person X. Thank you for twisting my offhand complaint about the wait time between taking the civil service test and getting an interview (which I didn’t have) into “You shouldn’t hire her because she has a job waiting for her.” Now, since there were only two people in the office, unless there’s an invisible person that I didn’t see, meant you told the manager, which means you took money out of my pocket. May you never get what you told me you wanted. (Hey, see, I’m enough of a lady to not spread your business out into the street. Too bad you weren’t!) ‘Kay, thanks!

This list will be added upon as I see fit. If Nixon can have an enemies list, so can I! Thanks for letting me rant—who says that ranting isn’t therapeutic?


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