Baffled! (1973)

One of the many 1970s pilots that never saw the light of day (after they aired as movies of the week.) However, this one meets and exceeds any expectations you may have after hearing “70s,” “pilot,” “racecar driver/ESP,” and “racecar driver/ESP.” Contrary to popular belief, Leonard Nimoy was more than that pointy eared fellow on that Lost in Space show…

Seven Doors of Cinema


Leonard Nimoy is quite suave, cool, and lanky here in this feature length TV pilot as a racecar driver with ESP. However, as the film begins, he doesn’t know about his powers yet. In the middle of a race, he has a vision of an English manor house, a woman screaming, a young girl, and himself crashing into a truck filled with hay. He also hears a voice saying the name of the manor house. The vision causes him to wreck his racecar and possibly, for a moment, actually die. He returns to life and, in what I thought was an odd decision, tells a TV reporter about his vision.

From a “moving the plot at a TV pace” standpoint, it turns out that his decision to tell the reporter about his vision was a good one, because it attracts the attention of a beautiful ESP researcher named Michelle who…

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