Get Mad, AND Get Even! (or, Comments are closed…)


I’ve never really thought of how…common commenters are with their views.  Sure, with things like leaked nude photos, you’d expect the usual “DURR! Blame the victim DURR!” type responses, but now I hate reading ANY comments on ANY article, no matter how good they are, or how much I learn from them. 

For example–the nude photos of various celebrities.  Now, we know that they’re of “desirable” celebrities–not newly discovered photos of Phyllis Diller or LaWanda Page (hey, she was a former fire-juggling exotic dancer! No lie!) No, these are photos of current “hot” celebrity women, who, of course, are understandably upset over this. Now, what if one of these women just said, “You know what? Yes, that’s me, I own it, and you neck beards living in your parents’ basements who couldn’t PAY for a woman to go out with you don’t get to feel that power that you want to have over me. The end.”

The internet would implode–Maude Flanders impersonators would clutch their figurative pearls and say, “Won’t someone think of the…(fill-in-the-blank)! Won’t someone please think of the (fill-in-the-blank)!!!!”

I know, I know, because it’s young, desirable women (instead of older, wiser, and more jaded ones) we get what we want. Women who are shamed into being defensive (instead of trying to find out who did the hacking and retaliating!) and saying the usual “Those were meant to be private, etc.”

Think of it this way–if any of those photos were of Madonna, would ANY of us be inundated with the type of OUT!RAGE! we’re seeing now? Yes, “Sex” was written when I was in high school (many moons ago when dinosaurs, covered wagons, and turntables ruled the earth), and there was a HUGE amount of outrage–but for (obviously) different reasons. Madonna owned it–there was no doubt that it was her, and she controlled it.

And that’s what it gets down to–control. Ah, the internet, where women are stalked, harassed, etc., and then victim-shamed for mentioning the very fact that they WERE harassed and stalked. God bless internet anonymity!  However, the well connected celebrities may have better networks than the regular harassed unwashed masses–imagine banding together (while somehow keeping this all secret) and turning the tables on the leakers?  What’s that? Had sex with a three-legged mule? Sure did! And here are all the pictures!

Evil? Yep. Petty? Sure! Sometimes I feel that if you’ve been wronged, it’s helpful to forgive, but in this case? Naaaah!


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