You may now refer to me as Julia Rosenthal, Guru Extraordinaire…

female guru

Whilst reading my way through LinkedIn (as you do), I realized that merely absorbing all of this information wasn’t doing me any good.  Each and every article seemed to be about “finding your passion” or “the secret of finding your passion” or “how to find your passion in ten easy steps.” You get the idea.

Well, here’s my passion:

I love watching bad movies, laughing my head off, and reading blogs about bad movies and retro recipes.  Now, where’s my job?

The one thing I did during my enforced vacations is watch a hell of a lot of MST3K, Cinematic Titanic and RiffTrax (I also can’t forget the four films of The Film Crew!) and it goes without saying that I supplemented these with generous doses of the Three Stooges.

My point (and I DO have one!) is that reading self-help stuff via LinkedIn (especially with LinkedIn!) can really drive you crazy.

Take it slow!


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