If you’ve had your head under a rock, then you haven’t heard the names Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano, the LA Clippers, or Jesse Jackson bandied about recently.

This post isn’t about the right or wrongness of what was said.  This post is about the high-larious uproar that has surrounded it.  The sports talk shows have raised their voices in a chorus of indignation, stating that Sterling should give up the team.  Really?  You mean you want to take away a team from a man who states things that you disagree with?  Why, that doesn’t sound American at ALL–it sounds like COMMUNISM! 

I wish I could go back to listen to their comments on Michael Sam–I’m sure there were plenty of “Oh, a gay player’s too much of a distraction.” comments bandied about, but THIS, a crazy old billionaire team owner WHO IS DATING A WOMAN THAT IS OF MIXED RACE makes people want to start singing the Communism National Anthem.

Meh. Sports talk shows have to have something to rant loudly about–how long will it take for the next “crisis” to come along?


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