My Queendom For a Lemon Bar!


I HAD been dealing with a lemon bar obsession that eventually culminated in my buying a box mix (Krusteaz) instead of using one of the seemingly hundreds of recipes I’ve collected over the years. (Okay, I lie–it’s not hundreds, it’s ten.)  I was sure that none of the bakeries around here sold them (nope!) and I didn’t feel like trotting over to Trader Joe’s for theirs.

The result?

Meh. I’ll eat them, but I’m pretty sure I could’ve made better. I’m not that much of a filling fan–there’s a fine balance between the filling and the crust–too much crust, your bars are dry. Too little crust (and too much gloopy filling–which will happen with box mixes) and you’re left with something that makes kittens, puppies and babies cry.

What does this have to do with the motto of “Six Degrees of Stoogeration?” Well, it’s a degree of, uh, ROUNDEDNESS.  Not only am I an experienced admin with plenty of talent, I can also complain about the metallic/salty-yet-strangely-not-high-in-sodium lemon bar mix.  I’m a triple threat!




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