I’ve received THIS in the mail (inbox) today…

We are a rapidly growing company that has more clients than we can see. We understand that it is a good problem to have, but we need at least 2 more qualified people that will help us keep up with our growth.

What we desire in a candidate: self-motivation, proven leadership abilities, a customer service attitude, integrity, experience in sales, a desire for professional development, a willingness to learn, and exceptional people skills.

What we provide is a genuine career opportunity: high-quality leads, training and mentorship, growth opportunities, and financial success.

Please call us tomorrow at 314-400-2980 or email your resume to Kelley Cobb at hr@ailstl.com

Requirements for consideration:

– Reliable form of transportation
– Able to pass state required background check
– Currently live in the St.Louis or Illinois area

American Income Life Insurance Company
Subsidiary of the Torchmark Corporation (NYSE: TMK)

Nigel Crowe
State General Agent
American Income Life Insurance Company
Ballwin, Missouri
Office: 314-400-2980
Fax:     314-563-0992   
I’ve been e-mailed at least once a week by the good people of American Income Life Insurance Company.  Why, I don’t know–I’ve been interviewed TWICE, prepared for my state (or whatever you call it ) examination, realized I had no clue of what I was doing, went to meetings where I felt like I was at a revival (or a cult initiation), and STILL had no idea what I was doing!  I’ve sent Mr. Crowe e-mails, letters, etc., stating that I didn’t have a car (therefore, selling insurance is rather impossible!) and STILL I get e-mails!  See, if I were the secretary there, I’d have a database of the “dropouts,” the “will nevers,” the “go to hells,” the “maybes,” and the “YES! SIGN ME UPs.”  A little info into FileMaker Pro, or Access, and boom!  You’re sending out targeted messages to those who ACTUALLY WANT THEM!
But what do I know?

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