Image…of trying to “figure out” how to market myself, how to get the edge, how to CRUSH the competition, CRUSH the interview, CRUSH (insert whatever phrase you think of next here).

I am tired of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.  What’s wrong with being a sow’s ear?  I’d rather eat a sow’s ear than a silk purse anyway.

The reason for THIS rant? I’ve grown weary of trying to scrape together a portfolio that will WOW potential employers.  I’ve tried websites, online resumes, dynamic resumes, dynamic websites, crash courses in every edgeCRUSHINGcompetitionCRUSHING course I could afford (and some that I couldn’t), and yet, I feel no more competent than I did before.

It’s not that I doubt my abilities–it’s just the fact that I’m tired of trying to figure out how I should CRUSH my competition. I’m not a CRUSHER, I’m a meh-er.  A meh-er isn’t uncompetitive, just a…different type of competitive.

(I now realize why people pay others to do this sort of thing for them–it’s hell trying to be your own publicity department!)


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