The Zombies: Odessey & Oracle (1967)

Often described in the same breath as “The White Album” or “Pet Sounds,” The Zombies’ 1967 late-blooming classic has FINALLY begun to get the attention that it should (thank you internet for speeding it up!)

Anyhoo, I was introduced to the album at least 30 years ago during late-night K-Tel (or something) commercials aired between Three Stooges shorts and Bizarre (Google that, kids!). Of course, this being K-Tel, it wasn’t the original artists, but with a little research, I was off to Peaches Records (and Tapes! Google THAT, kids!) and one fine Saturday afternoon, I had this fine album in my hands. Give it a listen–for some reason, I always play the entire albums straight through the first two weeks of spring and summer, but it’s a good listen year round!

Six Degrees of Stoogeration? The Zombies were in a quirky movie entitled “Bunny Lake is Missing,” released by Columbia Pictures in 1965. But since Columbia Pictures is far too broad a degree, let’s sharpen our focus:

The film’s star, Sir Laurence Olivier, was married to Vivien Leigh, who co-starred with Clark Gable in “Gone With the Wind.” (1939) Six years earlier, Gable starred in “Dancing Lady,” which featured Ted Healy and His Stooges–Moe, Larry and Curly.


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