“Whenever You’re Ready?” Pfft! You’ll NEVER be ready…

Part 42 in the “Your Life as Random Pop Culture References” Series…Lazy Ways to Get Ideas For Posts, Part 673

It’s now close to 10 months since I received this unique opportunity, and each and every day I find myself repeating 2 mantras that I used regularly during my piano major days–“I don’t know.” and “Let’s just do this.”

“I don’t know” is not a statement of defeat but a statement of commitment for constant learning, admitting your shortcomings, accepting criticism, and moving ahead.

“Let’s just do this” is a statement of being tired of the paralyzing effects of paralysis by analysis.  Sometimes you can just overthink the simplest of things, and instead of improving with all the information you’ve gathered, somehow you’ve gotten WORSE, because now you have too many options, and they all seem like they’re the best.

Am I an expert?  Uh, sure I am!  If you like my theories, send $1 to Happy Stooge….

The purpose of this post?  See the title–my paralysis was caused by the fact that I wanted to have a portfolio similar to art/theatre/music students have, but for admins.  The result? Over 8 months of trying this, that, and the other with less than spectacular results.

So from this point forward, you get everything, warts and all.  Stay tuned.


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