Dignity?! What’s that?

I’ve written about the whole idea of giving up dignity as soon as you’re handed your pink slip. Think of it as an extended stay in the hospital. The first 2 or so days you’re there, the measure of dignity (i.e. making sure your ass doesn’t show) is extremely high. Around the third day…yeah. That hospital gown’s open, you feel a draft, and you don’t care one bit. Doctor’s rounds? Whisk whisk, gown’s off. You don’t care who’s around, shame be damned.

…and so it is with unemployment. Granted, it’s more of a curve—you get pissed when you feel your intelligence is insulted. You’re tired of the experts grabbing $97 out of your bank account every month (but yet you don’t cancel!) for “expert advice” that you’ve heard for years…FOR FREE! You don’t really give up. Sure, it crosses your mind every time you “touch” the interviewer or company, and when they don’t “touch” you back, you feel like leaving a “touch” of your own on the front door.

So, think of unemployment as the intro to Star Trek—you know, when Shatner’s at his Shattnerist…”Space…the final frontier.” That’s unemployment. No matter how angry you get at the experts—how tired you are of pounding the pavement, how emotional unemployment is, how much stuff you’ve given up because you’re unemployed—it (supposedly) gets better. That’s what everyone tells you, anyway. After all, someone’s got to win the MegaMillions jackpot that is the unemployment lottery…you can’t win if you don’t play.


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