Well, at least SOME things never change…

ImageAfter I came back from an interview (Don’t call us, we may call you…when a vacancy opens up!) I found this in my inbox:

Dear Sunday Jones,

Thank you for your interest in the CO – Administrative Secretary position. We certainly appreciate the time you spent completing the application process. We regret to inform you that this position has been cancelled and will not be filled.

Thank you for your interest in employment with St. Louis Community College.

 Human Resources

From my former employer, the famous “Thanks But No Thanks Letter.”  I have to note that this is a classier move than the other colleges in the area (I’m looking at YOU, Washington University, St. Louis University, University of Missouri St. Louis, Maryville, and others!)  There, I didn’t even get the “No Thanks” e-mail.  You mean to tell me that it costs a great deal of money to do this?  I know it costs TIME, but aren’t the names already in the database?!  GAH!!! The electronic age has caused all sense of civility to go to crap.


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