It’s time for a new segment…

Image…that I would like to call “Are You For Real?!”  In it, I’ll share the wond’rous e-mails I receive from various, er, companies that would like to engage my services.  Here’s the latest for you to enjoy!A high-class organization is searching a individual for contract part time employment.
> This at home process will take just 5 hours per one week – one hour by end of the day. It means you can manage the time according your schedule and just checking incoming mail to count quantity of envelopes at evening time.
> If you have internet access and regular mailbox P. Send us back your full name to start. Multiply your practice and at-home location by joining us. Our organization is glad to offer competitive funds.
> If you will present sens of high-skill communication with all levels of the organization, working with us you may find an perfect career development opportunities. These are challenging and exciting times to join us.I’d be a fool not to join them, wouldn’t I?


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