So…the definition of insanity is what, now?

ImageSix days from today, I’ll be celebrating an anniversary! 6 months unemployed…and counting!

What will I be doing to celebrate this wond’rous occasion, you (didn’t) ask?  Why, I’ll be taking my closest friends and associates out to a “working” lunch.  By working, I mean we’ll be brainstorming ideas on how to curb the tens of offers we have from various companies for our great services.  Just yesterday, I received a very lucrative offer for an executive assistant to the vice president of Stix, Baer and Fuller.  There are also offers from Woolworth, Magnin’s, Enron, and Pontiac.  Look out world, here I come!

But seriously, long-term unemployment can really do a number on your employment self-esteem.  Note, this is different from general self-esteem.  General self-esteem states that you can be civil, witty, even sparkling in conversation.  Employment self-esteem is feeling as if no one will ever hire you and that you will be unemployed forever.

The psychology major in me states that this is merely wallowing in self-pity.  The snarky side of me is telling the psychological side to go to hell.  The logical side?  Well, I think it’s out to lunch.


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