“Smells like hot dogs!”


Another day, another job fair…and despite the fact that my feet were soaked and I was literally freezing to death (okay, not literally—however, my teeth were chattering) today’s job fair was far superior in both contacts and success than my previous outing at Forest Park Community College.  Oddly enough, I would’ve figured that the one held at the Florissant Valley campus would’ve been the one with fewer companies represented (seeing that the area seems to be hemorrhaging corporations).  I was able to speak with the YWCA about various positions (the most intriguing?  Family advocacy…nothing like Administrative Support!) and other companies/agencies/governmental jobs, etc.

As I left, I wasn’t filled with the dull ache of despair that I was last week.  Granted, these informational interviews and networking contacts may not bear fruit, but all in all, it left me with a feeling of slight hopefulness, so that’s a good thing. The smell of desperation was also there, of course, but this time, it smelled like chicken.


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