Day 1 of Scams-R-Us (aka: the New “Job”)

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a Mr. Dominic Davis of some large medical concern from India, though he says he’s based in Washington D.C. Since I am bored, tired, and in a somewhat snarky mood, I decided to play along with this gentleman, and let him think that I am indeed interested in a receptionist position at the company. Now, notice in the conversation below that I mention nothing about wanting a data entry position (I did that on purpose), but a receptionist position. (Hard to greet people on the phone if I’m not on an actual phone, whether cell, Skype, or landline.)

Here’s last night’s conversation. Note that I have at least TEN e-mails from various people, all offering the same thing, and they’ve all been like this:

dominicdavis821: Hello

kinderscenen_op_15: Hello.

dominicdavis821: I believe you here for the job briefing and interview (Great grammar there, fella!)

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes I am–what does the position entail?

dominicdavis821: You will get to know all as we proceed ok ? (Wow.)

dominicdavis821: kindly change your status from invisible to online please


Welcome to the company, i believe you are here for the job briefing/interview. As we proceed further with the briefing and interview, you will get to know more about the opening position.

dominicdavis821: Hello

kinderscenen_op_15: Hello again.


THE POSITIONS AVAILABLE ARE : Data Entry ,Accounting Clerk Bookkeeper, Accounting Executive, Marketing,Executive Healthcare Administration Assistant, Clerical Administrator, Customer Service ,Receptionist,Payroll,Sales or Medical Biller,Medical admin position,Management.?.

which position are you applying for ?

kinderscenen_op_15: Receptionist


I am Mr Dominic Davis ,The hiring manager of (NOVA Medical Centers), I am located at Washington. I would be the one to brief you about the position and the company.

Next would be the briefing about the Job and the company. I advise you read with care.

dominicdavis821: are you with me ?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes

dominicdavis821: shall we proceed with the interview ?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes


Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when i am through. Let me know when you have finished reading and understanding every line. You will be allowed to ask questions later.With each line just respond with an Okay.

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay


Our office close to you will be completed estimated three months from now, so the position and job done for now is work from home on till the office is completed and (NOTE THAT) As soon as you are confirmed qualified,the company will provide you with complete office equipments to setup a mini office at home.

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay


The name of the Company is (NOVA Medical Centers)

Well, the company DOES exist, and it is what’s stated below. However, I just don’t think a large medical institution would bother to hire me for what is essentially “piecework,” when they not only have physicians that would use transcription software, but actually have assistants who do that type of thing… I’ve used those types of programs before, and it certainly makes less work for the secretary! (It’s not foolproof, though—I’ve noticed some weird mistakes, so I guess secretaries aren’t going anywhere for a while!)


Our Company (NOVA Medical Centers) is seeking assistance with the “work from home initiative” to assist with Accounting , Marketing, Customer Service, Sales,Filling/Data Entry and Administrative duties online.


Nova IVI Fertility is a joint venture between Nova Pulse, India and IVI, Spain which owns and operates IVF centers across India. Founded in Valencia, Spain in 1990, IVI is the world leader in reproductive medicine with 22 clinics spread across Europe and South America. Since its inception, more than 50,000 new-borns entered the world, thanks to the advanced techniques in assisted reproduction practiced throughout the IVI network.Rea.

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay


Nova was co-founded by renowned shoulder surgeon Dr. Mahesh Reddy and the GTI Group, based on a “doctor-owned and doctor-managed” concept enabling doctors to have a sense of ownership and a long-term association with the company. The Nova infrastructure allows leading surgeons from diverse specialties to focus solely on the patient’s health while the company provides turn-key hospital management in the form of a full complement of ultra-modern facilities and services.

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay

dominicdavis821: Nova provides a great opportunity for professionals to further their careers. We are ideally suited for those who are willing to take on challenges and be part of a company that is a game-changer in the healthcare industry. Nova, whose business model has been tried and tested in the US and UK, is run in an absolute professional, ethical and transparent manner.

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay


Job Description

Keep records of materials filed or removed, using log-books or computers.

Add new material to file records, and create new records as necessary.

Perform general office duties such as typing, operating office machines, and sorting mail. Track materials removed from files in order to ensure that borrowed files are returned. Sort or classify information according to guidelines such as content, purpose, user criteria, or chronological, alphabetical, or numerical order.


can you handle the job duties?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes




English Language

Customer and Personal Service


Information Ordering

Written Comprehension

Category Flexibility

Oral Comprehension

Oral Expression

Written Expression

Flexibility of Closure


hope you posses the above listed?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes, I do.


Work Activities

Documenting/Recording Information

Administrative Activities

Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships

Interacting With Computers

Processing Information


Working Equipment

The working equipment is the required material that is necessary for setting up your mini office. And these equipment include: HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series Laptop Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, HP Office jet Pro 8500A Premium All-in-One (Fax, Scanner, Copier and Printer), the required Software (Peach Tree (US Patent 1 accounting software), The MYOB Essential software 2011, Real-Time Accounting Integration CRM Software and Quick-books 2011).

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay


Regarding the working equipment, the company would provide you the funds that would be used for the purchase of these working equipment and the required software that is needed in setting up of your mini office (DING—DING—DING!!!)


Additional Information

*This is a Full Time/Part Time Job. Overtime is 1.5 time above regular pay.

*Pay mode: Checks or Direct Deposit

*Hourly payment: $30.55/hour (Uh, yeah….)

*Benefits include: 401k, health and dental, paid vacation and 2 weeks sick leave

*You will be enrolled for Benefits after 4weeks.

*You have to keep strict record of time and activities. A time sheet would be sent to you every Friday for monitoring (In your own format). (How?! WHY?! GAAAAHHHH!)

kinderscenen_op_15: Sounds good.


Our Goal is to help our clients achieve success. We do this because of our complete focus and commitment on quality


You will be working online (work from home job) for now, the working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice,the pay is $30.55 per hour training is $25per hour and will be get payment bi weekly via check or direct deposit. Working 30 to 40 hours weekly,if you are considered for this position you will be working as a full employee and not an independent contractor.


next will be question and answer segment…..are you ready ?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes


We are now on question and answer interview section. As soon as you are done answering any question, you are to write DONE…Understood ?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes


*What are your full names,sex,age,cell # and where are you located ?

kinderscenen_op_15: (gave him fake info) DONE

dominicdavis821: *Are you currently employed?

kinderscenen_op_15: No, I am not. DONE

dominicdavis821: *Have you ever worked from home or online before ?

kinderscenen_op_15: No, I have not. DONE


*How would you describe yourself?

kinderscenen_op_15: Thoughtful, a quick learner, flexible. DONE

dominicdavis821: *Do you have a printer,scanner,photocopier and Fax machine?

kinderscenen_op_15: Unfortunately, I do not. DONE

dominicdavis821: *Do you have an idea of how to use ms excel?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes I do. DONE

dominicdavis821: *What do you understand by privacy and code of conduct?

kinderscenen_op_15: Do you mean the HIPAA policy? As I understand it, any medical information I come in contact with is to be shared with no one. DONE

dominicdavis821: Yes

dominicdavis821: *What do you understand by the term “Petty Cash”?

kinderscenen_op_15: A small amount of money used so that you don’t use a credit card or checks. DONE


*Do you know your typing speed?

kinderscenen_op_15: 60-65 words per minute. DONE

dominicdavis821: *What are your greatest strength and weakness?

kinderscenen_op_15: I would say that my greatest strength is my ability to persevere, and my greatest weakness is impatience. DONE (Note: snark does not translate well online…)

dominicdavis821: How would you describe your work ethics and are you comfortable with the fact that this is an online/work from home job pending when our office will be completed at the end of next month?

kinderscenen_op_15: I would say that I have a very strong work ethic, and I am indeed comfortable with the fact that I will be working from home until the office is completed. DONE


Well you have done well so far and you seem like a perfect fit for this position.

kinderscenen_op_15: Thank you very much. DONE


I need you to hold on online because i need to forward our conversation to the Head Dept to enable them see if you are committed and good for this job.I need you to hold back online (Suuuure…)

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay. DONE

dominicdavis821: I am back now..the result for the interview is on my desk……

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay

dominicdavis821: The good news is….you have just been confirmed qualified for this position (NO! Gasps in shock!)

kinderscenen_op_15: Great! Thank you.


Well the company has decided to give you a chance for you to work for the company.We will like to see your diligence,Charisma,Commitment to this job. Congratulations (Well, yeah…it’s not like I have an actual JOB to go to!)

kinderscenen_op_15: Thank you.


1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day? (4hr Minimum per day or 40hrs Maximum per week)

2. What time range?

3. Payroll Interval? (Weekly or Bi-weekly)

4. Payroll Method (Check or bank transfer)

We offer $30 per hour Plus Health,dental and Paid Vacation Benefits available also

kinderscenen_op_15: 1. 6 hours per day 2. 10-4 Central Standard Time 3. Weekly payroll interval 4. Payroll method–check

dominicdavis821: Ok

dominicdavis821: What is the name of the bank you operate with ?

kinderscenen_op_15: (I gave him “Landmark Bank” which was a bank many moons ago…)


You will earn $30.55 per hour and $25 paid will work Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm


I need you to provide me with the following: Your

full name




Zip-code and Phone numbers to enable my secretary enlist them into the Company’s Register for proper documentation.

dominicdavis821: You will earn $30.55 per hour and $25 paid will work Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm

dominicdavis821: I need you to provide me with the following: Your

full name




Zip-code and Phone numbers to enable my secretary enlist them into the Company’s Register for proper documentation.


You will be undergoing a 2 weeks training and orientation which will commence as soon as you have all working materials and you are rest assured that you will be paid for it okay ?

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay–I’m ready to get started.


You will be getting your paper work a HR document during your orientation and training from your supervisor,you are to fill,sign and send back to us,we take out taxes okay ?


kinderscenen_op_15: Okay, sounds good.


You will need some Data entry/Accounting software and also a time tracker to commence your training and orientation and also you need the software to get started with work…the work of the time tracker is to calculate your hours devoted since this is an online work from home.

kinderscenen_op_15: What software do you suggest? Quickbooks, Peachtree, Excel?

dominicdavis821: Here are the name’s of the software’s you will need to start working with BS 1 Accounting software ,myob business essentials software 2005,For Peach Tree premium 2010 US Patent Single Users Pack, simply accounting 2009,Adobe Photoshop 52011,Adobe Acrobat 8 2012,Ariba 8 2012ASP 32007,CSS 6 2012,Dreamweaver 7 2011,HTML 11 2011,Illustrator 3 2009,Microsoft Access 8 2011,Microsoft Excel 8 2011,Microsoft Word 11 2011,MySQL 5 2011,PHP 5 2011,UNIX 2 2005,Windows 7 1 2011,Windows XP 8 2011,XML 5 2007,Vendor Management 7 2012.


Are you familiar with any of the softwares ?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes, I’m familiar with the Microsoft programs, as well as Adobe Acrobat 8 and Dreamweaver.

dominicdavis821: ok

dominicdavis821: The funds for the software will be provided for you by the company via check,the check will cover for the software as well the equipment for your mini office ….. make sure you use them as instructed for the software okay ?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes, I will.


You will get started with work ASAP,The company will provide you a free Hp laptop with a fast internet connection and your W4 form will be coming along with the working materials you need to start working with,you are to purchase all your materials from a certified vendor we have been patronizing for years now. You will receive a paycheck for the purchase of the working materials,the company’s accounting dept will issue the check and have it sent to your house via FedEx,they will have it sent to the address you have just provided so i suppose the name you provided is same on your bank info….? (Note: in the next conversation, he stated that the check and other items would be coming through USPS. Interesting.)

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes, it is.]

dominicdavis821: As soon as the check is being issued out to you i will notify you and provide you with the tracking number so you can keep track and know when it will get to you okay

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay.


Once you receive the check you are needed to have it deposited to your bank account ,Then the funds will be will be credited and available in your account for cash out the next day morning…. (Hey, what’s that? It’s my patented SPAMDAR!)®

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay.

dominicdavis821: NOTE: All software’s are to be purchased from the software office the company has been buying from for years now

kinderscenen_op_15: Fair enough.


You will be notify with which of the software office you are to purchase the software’s from as soon as the check get to you …

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay.


Do you have any question for now ?

kinderscenen_op_15: No, all of my questions were answered. Thank you.

dominicdavis821: ok

dominicdavis821: All we need from you is good work and trust,you will enjoy every moment working with us

kinderscenen_op_15: I will. Thank you again.

dominicdavis821: Thats all for now You are to report online tomorrow morning by 8am EST time for update on the check,task and on how to get started with work.

kinderscenen_op_15: Okay.

dominicdavis821: I believe you can be online at that time tomorrow ?

kinderscenen_op_15: Yes I can.

dominicdavis821: Good have a nice evening .. and once again welcome to Nova Medical Center:):-h

kinderscenen_op_15: You have a good evening as well, and thank you.

dominicdavis821: you welcome


33 thoughts on “Day 1 of Scams-R-Us (aka: the New “Job”)

  1. Dante Jackson

    I’m curious to hear about the rest of your experience. This “company” has approached me as well.


  2. Meghan

    I had the same exact conversation word for word with someone from “Nova”. I’m bring the check to the bank to be reported as scam.


    1. I kept the check–I knew full well that if I cashed that check, I’d probably be UNDER the jail the next day. It’s a real check, from a real bank, but it was as fake as a three dollar bill. On the one hand, I can’t see that anyone would fall for that, but then again, if you’ve been out of work for months (or years), you wouldn’t think twice about cashing it.

      Ah, you just have to love scam artists!


  3. Ricky

    wow these guys just approached me and had the same lines but we did it all via yahoo IM and they asked me to send them $450 for “the necessary equipment”


  4. Thank you so much for this. I lost my job over 2 weeks ago and we may lose our house, so I was so happy when I got their text this morning. And then had the presence of mind to look it up online and read a bunch of these. Just thanks. I am desperate and that is exactly what they are looking for. Hate people like this. Karma, hopefully, will get them in the end.


  5. shaquata Stanley

    The same thing happened to me but from this lady name Cynthia Raphal and she been contacting me in yahoo IM and she said she work for this company call mci – group and seen I hag applied for a position with them on I know what you guys are going thru


  6. Shu Kazi

    Thanks. I actually JUST got off of the second part of the yahoo IM “interview” today after receiving a simliar email from a claiming to represent a legitimate company named Ariba. The triggers were Wallace Foley emailing me to add a Nely Duran to my yahoo IM. Nely yesterday proceeded to give me the same spiel you gave me word-for word and copypasted the company’s mission statement from the “About Us” portion of their website. The second trigger was when after I “qualified” I would get another Yahoo IM “meeting” with the training supervisor Wallace Foley. Wallace just asked me if I understood what Nely told me about the job and to meet with him again on Yahoo at 8am tomorrow to find out when i’ll get my check to buy the data entry software. Lasted 10 minutes. I then remembered it was Wallace who emailed me in the FIRST PLACE.

    Googled ‘Apex data entry scam’ and here I am. Apparently this is a thing now justthe working is different. Okay lol

    Also I did just like you and gave them a bank name for a prepaid debit card I have with a zero balance on it. If I get a check in the mail i’ll keep it as a reminder of stuff like this. Way to waste my time. Sad.


  7. Ruth

    I’m so glad you posted this. I found a company on who immediately contacted me, and when I was “interviewing” I figured it was a scam. I googled one of the questions & sure enough! Thanks for putting this up. I knew it wasn’t probably real, but I would have wasted my time!


  8. Reveal

    Wow!!!this is totally unbelievable!!!so what is the catch?what do they get from it?i mean how do they benefits?i am a full time student that has been contacted trough text message(which is weird)by this so called lady Veronica butler saying she was representing ascom group which is a legitimate company ….so I did the interview on google hangover and WOW…this is the same text that was submitted to me…wow!!!we did the interview on friday(thanks GOD)…I was supposed to get back with my interviewer on Monday …and I found this site…thank you guys…thanks GOD…


    1. Momo

      No joke, my parents and I got the same text from this Veronica Butler but the company she gave me was nexus telecom which also is a legit company. The exact same format of questions, I even saved our conversation together, and this is almost word for word the same……I am suppose to receive a check soon too……now I’m freaking out….Thank god for this site…


  9. Rachel

    March 26, 2015
    WOW!!! Thank You sooo much for this site. I was contacted yesterday by text too by ot Gmail Hangout/Google talk messenger same and once online to invite a Mr David Cooper. (which i thought was odd), but i believe this was a great opportunity for me since am getting let go from my Job and been looking on line for a new one. If it had not been for this site i would have fallen for this scam. So this scam has been going on for way too long? Why and Who is doing this? Is a shame they are so many malicious people trying to get all of us that are in real need to get a job. Thank You guys for this site, i don’t have much in my account but if i would have fallen for this i be homeless. God Bless you all for putting all this online, i wonder how many people they have scam and how much they have taken from good hard working people, so sad.. 😦


  10. Dawn

    I just received a text from Veronica Butler. I was shocked a company recruiter would send a text for a position they are trying to fill. My first thought…….Obviously this is a scam. But all the jobs I have applied to recently seemed to be legit companies. NOPE, You can’t trust anything anymore when you are looking for work. I was scammed, like the person that posted this comment, back in 2010. I received a money order for $3,500. I was to deposit the money order, buy the equipment needed and western union the remaining money back to the Co. I took the money order to the bank and told them what was going on and they said the money order was fake. I told the guy I deposited and purchased the items needed for my home office and asked who he wanted me to send the remaining money to. He gave me the info for western union. I told him it was complete. He asked me for the transaction number. I didn’t respond. HE IM ME NON STOP FOR 2 HOURS. THEN CALLED ME ON MY CELL LEAVING MESSAGES EVERY 2 MIN. FOR THE NEXT 20 MIN. By this time he was desperate. I turned all my devices off. The next day I checked my yahoo IM and boy was he on a rampage. I enjoyed watching him squirm. The police didn’t want anything to do with the issue, the bank didn’t follow up, I even called the news station and no one got back to me. Nobody seemed to care. We have to look out for each other.


  11. Fanti

    Same thing happened to me, A man named ERNST SCHMID. claming to be with Nexus Telecommunications. Same exact conversation, check, supplies all the same. Just be really careful. I’m never doing one of these again it’s crazy that this happens so often.I hope none you cash that check or send any money to anyone ever


  12. Kristina

    Same thing happened to my mother. A man named Marc Heller contacted my mom claiming to be the “CEO” from Nexus Communications. She already sent in all of her information as she has been out of work for some time. I had a bad feeling about it and finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Glad I have verification this is a scam.


  13. Tasha

    I am not speechless. I have been through this 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Their game never changes. Its a consistent pattern. They are bound to get caught. Why would any reasonable company or HR personnel conduct an interview via hangout or text? That’s absurd. Why send a text and not an email? In my experience I told them Right away that I knew who they were and what they are about.


  14. Mickey D.

    First time today I received a text similar to this, but I knew it was a scam. I liked your playing around with this guy. Very well done! I hope more people do not fall into the grasp of this belligerent fraud attempt.
    Scam artists have access to just about every mode of communication now.
    Thanks for the story and example, it was a great read.


  15. Tabitha

    This literally just happened to me. It was nexus telecom. Conversation went exactly like as stated above. Being a full time student, I thought this was the ideal job, it was perfect. Has anyone ever given out their real bank name not knowing at the time that it was a scam? And what came of that? Not going to cash the check or anything, just going to return to sender.


    1. Shamika

      I went the whole process with a Marc Heller of Nexus Telecom and had second thoughts after recieving a check of almost $2000. Supposedly to be used for software and supplies. I gave out info as far as address, phone, and id. But not bank info. Didnt go that far. Did u send it back already i was jus thinking about destroying it


  16. BJ

    I’m so glad everyone is putting this out there! My mom had this happen to her and it was because of this site that she took the check she received to the bank and yes it was fraud. The cashiers check was all real but what would have happened is that in 5 days her bank would have come back and declined the funds and she would have had to pay back everything she used. The names involved were a Mr. Matty Ben and Reginald Foster claiming they are with Nexus Telecom. The check was from a legitimate bank in Louisiana with someone else’s account information on it. Please whoever is out there getting similar job opportunities don’t fall for this scam!!!


  17. ragrabowski

    I almost fell for the same sequence. The original e-mail came from someone claiming to be Simon Cox sent at 3:41 AM. The Google Hangouts contact was who claimed to be Michael Benton from Nexus Telecom. I was “hired” and the check will arrive tomorrow. They also asked me to pose as a hiring company on the HireVeterans web site. In addition to not depositing the check, what else should I do to prevent identity theft. I believe the criminal penalties should be much more severe for people who prey on out of work people.


  18. I just finished having this conversation and I sent them my name and address but not my bank information. Then I thought it was fishy when they said I had to purchase the software. So when I googled and saw this and some other blogs I knew. So what i told them whose the vendor they got mad and blocked me. I got their IP address, location, and everything. Definitely reporting them.


  19. KG

    I just received the same message from a guy name Mr David WhittenBerg from hamni pharmaceuticals. The company is from South Korea and he said they were expanding to my area (first red flag because he didn’t specify where my area was). He gave me legitimate information on the company including a link to their webpage which was legit. He then gave me an interview online through Google hangouts and after supposedly passing wanting me to contact him every morning 8am – 1pm. He mentioned sending me a check in advance (second red flag) and deposit the money keeping $150 for a sign-up bonus (third) and the rest would be used to purchase software from their vendor. I forgot to mention that the position would the pay is $30.12 per hour during full working hours and the training is $25.17 and you will be getting your payment weekly “or” bi weekly via direct deposit or paycheck.

    They’re making money by you purchasing the software from “their vendor,” which is actually the person scamming you site. You think you’re making a purchase, but you’re actually just sending them the rest of the funds and then weeks later you receive a fraud check from your bank asking you to pay them back the full amount. Any company that cannot speak with you on the phone or video chat is more than likely a scam.


  20. Be

    Thank God for this site. I received this offer from a man name Bruce Feifer who claimed to be a human resource manager for Kloud Solution Group and the trainer was Andrew Cohen. I thought this was the ideal job for me, but when something sound too good to be true, it probably is.


  21. Blue Penguin

    Some things to look out for to spot the Nexus Telecoms scam:
    (1) If you receive the check via Fedex, the accompanying letter will be on blank paper and not company stationery. The letter has no sender address info and is not signed.
    (2) Interview is via Google Hangouts and preferred mode of communication after that is the same usually in the morning (US time).
    (3) The employment letter is vague and even promises a sign on bonus, as well as two weeks of paid vacation time.
    (3) If you are suspicious of the check and are not sure if it’s fraudulent, you can actually get your bank to verify that the funds are available from the sender BEFORE depositing; otherwise what might happen is that you deposit the check and then “Nexus Telecoms” asks you to withdraw the funds the very next day to deposit into the vendor agent’s account for the apparent purpose of buying equipment and software for “your job.” Meanwhile, one to two days later, the bank of the payee may report the fraudulent check and you will be liable for the funds that were lost. Do not make that mistake!


  22. Titch

    Yep got call from K Strang Tax. I googled the software and all the scams started to pop up. I amazes me that they are still using the same interview. WORD FOR WORD. I


  23. Maureen Schlosser

    I had this happen just Sunday evening. Ironically, Sunday evening the Communications Director of a multi national corporation is conducting a Googlehangouts text “interview” with me. I must be important right? I wrote a very detailed email to the actual company that this scammer is saying he’s with and provided them all of the email addresses, Googlehangout info and a photo of the job “offer letter” via link. This person is saying he is Bo Piela with Sanofi Healthcare – or as he put it: i am a member of the Sanofi Communications Leadership Team. I serves on the board of directors for the March of Dimes Eastern Division.Please introduce yourself indicating your name, age and location ?

    He wants my age? What are we going to date? I half fell for it but the grammar is so bad. The photo he stole from the real Bo Piela off of LinkedIn was a nice touch but somehow, when I asked him why HE was the one conducting the “briefing” he just said he had been chosen to do so. Not a good answer. I’m going to let them mail me the fake check and take a snap of it and send that over to Sanofi Corporate Security as well. They may care, they may not.

    One thing to consider is the fact that these guys have GMAIL accounts not official domains of the “hiring” company. This actually rather upset me as I very much need a job and yet again, I find scam after scam out there.

    I should add it’s not unreasonable to do a quick pre-interview screening on Google or something but wow, the job offer right from a Googlehangout chat! TRUST SCAMMERS. I’m pretty pissed off it ruined my Sunday mood but luckily I have a few irons in the fire with actual legit companies so, c’est la vie. Thanks for putting this out there. I was able to Google search direct lines from the chat and find this blog.

    Happy holidays!!


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