“Somebody’s crazy, and it’s not you!”


When you’re looking for work, you’ve got to prepare yourself for insults to your intelligence.  Whether it’s four reminders of how to dress for an interview, the type of e-mail address to place on your resume (“No cute/joke/interesting addresses, please.”), to turns of (useless) phrases such as “Good luck,” “Best wishes,” and “Good luck with your job search.”  YOU’RE UNEMPLOYED! I THINK GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES HAVE GONE THE WAY OF YOUR JOB…THERE’S NO GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES!!!!!

Ahem, now that that’s out of the way…

I woke up this morning to insults–open an e-mail (from the ever popular Careerealism) that states I should cut down on my spending now that I’m unemployed.

No! (shocked voice)

I had no idea I should cut down on ANYTHING whilst looking for work.  And here I was, planning to catch the bus to head down to the Career Center.  Well, now I know I should WALK those 8 miles.  I would buy a bike, but I can’t buy anything, being unemployed and all.  I should also cut out any creature comforts, such as that gym membership, those Sennheiser headphones (the $1,000 pair I had my eye on), that Technics turntable (a mere $600!) and a plasma TV.

(Excuse me while I roll my eyes.)

Far be it for me to assume anything (we know where that’ll get you!) but I would like to think that if you’re unemployed and making significantly less money, you might just do these things already.  I don’t know–apparently people like spending money they don’t have during times of economic “recovery.”

Look, people feel crappy enough looking for work, and insulting their intelligence is not going to help.  If anything, they’ll spend MORE (as in more for alcohol, etc., to drown their sorrows).  Don’t insult the unemployed/underemployed–we feel crappy enough as it is.


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