It’s the end of the year! Let’s remember …

For some I am annoyed by those end-of-year rememberances that usually take up most of the time on “news shows” and “entertainment shows” (yeah, now they’re pretty much the same thing.)  Look, if you died in January, chances are I don’t remember it.  Hell, I thought that Dom DeLuise was still alive.  How the hell did THAT get past me?!  I’m usually good at that kind of thing.  Of course, it’s not anything that will make me money, but it does mean that I keep up with at least some part of current events.

It’s the end of the year, and this also means that people will be making those wonderful lies called “resolutions”.  These resolutions are about as useful as my degrees, except I can’t crinkle them up and wipe my ass with them.  College is the biggest scam since Santa Christ (I’ll give you a Diet Coke if you get that reference.)  Trust me on this–I know from whence I speak.

So to totally negate the above paragraph, I’m going to make a resolution that I am not going to make any resolutions.  I’m a lazy person.  A very lazy person.  I don’t even do things regularly that I should do (exercise, take BP medicine at roughly the same time daily), so why in the hell should I try to throw yet another lie on top of the rest of them?

And then I wonder why I feel my life sucks … meh.

Link the Three Stooges to Alan Alda in six steps (it won’t take that many!)

Next time: See! The useless crap paper/busywork we now have to do to justify our jobs, or, why you should’ve gone to school to be an administrator.


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