It’s only been about fifteen years, but….

…it’s finally happened!  The Farrelly Brothers have released their magnum stoogus upon us, and the reviews aren’t all Bronx cheers, so that’s a good thing.  I’m willing to see it, even though I didn’t know Sean Hayes is LARRY, for Stooge sake!  Well, he was surprisingly good in the Martin and Lewis biopic, so I’ll give him some leeway.

Now, as for what this blog is to be about….most of us have heard of the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, so I thought to myself, what about a game based on the world’s greatest comedy trio, and “Six Degrees of Stoogeration” was born.

The rules?  Simple enough.  Think of a name.  The more obscure, the better, but it’s really fun when you use “Star Trek” as a starting base.  And here’s one to get you going:  William Shatner.

  • Was in “Alexander” with Adam West, who was in “The Outlaws is Coming” (1965).  Now, if I’m correct, does this count as one degree or two.  Perhaps I should become familiar with “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” before I kick this thing off.  But, there ya go.

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